Time Management

How To Fit Online Learning INTO OUR Already TOO BUSY LIVES

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

Develop time management, priority setting, and goal setting skills to become effective online learners.


We all have 168 Hours per week. How will you slice and dice your hours to enhance your chances of becoming a successful online student? Select from the modules that are part of this tutorial to identify your time management strengths and challenges and develop strategies to overcome potential barriers to online success.

You can access the three modules (My Time, Priorities, and Goals) from the navigation bar above as well as from the drop down menu below. When you visit each module, you will be given a choice to return to this page by selecting “not a problem” or you may get additional information by selecting “tell me more.” At the end of the tutorial you will be asked to summarize what you have learned about yourself by listing your time management strategies and setting goals that will help you become a better manager of time. Here are some testimonials from online students.

In The Words Of Online Students

My biggest barrier to being an online student will be…life. The time when I can focus all of my energies on being a student is over. Family and career have to come first in my life.

Procrastination in an online class is deadly. I have always been a procrastinator–I get things done–but with not much time to spare. In an online environment, I will be tempted to put things off and will likely get way behind.
I think one of my biggest problems in taking online classes is giving up time from other areas to do it. I do budget my time wisely. However, if my goal is to REALLY take online classes then I need to sit down and ANALYZE just exactly where that time online is going to come from and am I willing to pay the price of giving up time elsewhere.

When taking an on-line class, the most difficult issue is finding a set amount of time to get the work done. Anyone who thinks he/she can squeeze in an online class here and there had better think again. An online class should be treated like a traditional class when you set aside times for doing the work and staying on track.

First Step:

Are you plagued with a most common ailment of college students – procrastination? Let’s find out. Take the Procrastination Self Assessment below. Your results will be sent to me. I will send you some valuable information depending on your results.

Procrastination Self-Assessment

Next step:

Now that you have some idea of whether or not procrastination is a problem, the next step is for you to select one of the Time Management Modules from the drop down menu.

——– Select one of the Modules ——–
What do I really do with my time?
What are my priorities?
What are my goals?


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