Procrastination: Causes and Cures

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Causes: Rebellion: I don’t want to do it!  I don’t have to do it!  You can’t make me do it!  I won’t do it! Fear of Failure: No matter how much I study I still won’t do very well, so I’m just going to study enough to get by. Fear of Success: If I do well in this class, they will expect me to do well all the time.  That’s too much pressure. Perfectionism: What if I try and I don’t get an “A.”  Lack of enjoyment: I don’t like this class, this book, these problems, this paper.  So I turn to more enjoyable, immediate activities, i.e. T.V., the paper, cleaning my desk, talking on the phone. Being too tired: After going to school, working, playing or participating in extracurricular events, I’m just too tired to study.  I’ll get up real early tomorrow, or I have all day Saturday, or I’ll study tomorrow night, I’ll be fresher then.